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Change your perspective- Top 10 things to do before hiring a drone to photograph your property

Updated: May 5, 2020

In the past, you may not have been able to afford impressive aerial pictures of your property, as they were financially impractical. Helicopter pilots were the only ones providing these images to homeowners and real estate firms, and they were not cheap!

Now anyone can use aerial photo and video to market their home, with the help of NW Drone Pros. You can have a powerful marketing piece that positions your home above the competition by elevating its value in the eyes of the buyer. With this new viewpoint of your property, comes a different perspective in regard to site prep.

So you’re finally ready to get a different perspective of your property?

Here are my top 9 things to do before hiring a fly camera to showcase your property.

1. Sleds, whips and hoopties.

Remove vehicles from the driveway and nearby street. This may mean asking neighbors not to park in a certain area that day, so get ready to test your baking skills! That rusty beater or brand new Tesla takes focus away from the star of this photoshoot, YOUR PROPERTY!

2. Location, Location, Location.

I realize you can’t move your property- I’m talking about the location of the sun! You know your property better than anyone does, so when does it look best? Right before sunset with Mount Baker in the background? Is a large shadow cast over it around 5 o’clock? Maybe it faces east and the reflection of the sunset looks beautiful reflecting off the windows. These are the things you want to know before hiring a drone to capture the splendor of your property.

3. Trash Talk.

I mean this quite LITTERally (see what I did there? It’s in caps, you can’t miss it.). I would never limit anyone or thing from fulfilling its highest potential so I realize it’s called a garbage can, not a garbage cannot. Buuuuuut, your garbage CANNOT be featured in the pictures of your property. This means no recycle bins, no compost, no junk hiding behind the fence, etc. It might be out of your neighbor’s line of sight, but it won’t be out of the drones!

4. Get your mind into the gutter!

Whenever possible we want to make sure the gutters are empty and the roof is free of debris and moss. If you can’t get your roof camera-ready, we’ll do what Hollywood does and photoshop it.

5. Close the garage door.

I never joke about garage doors.

6. Get some dirt on em’

If it's feasible, throw another layer of mulch in flower beds or gardens. Like your feelings, it's best to bury the bad stuff under a shiny exterior.

7. Sweep it under the rug

Sweep the porch, driveway and sidewalks. Since you’ve already got your broom out, you might as well get your flying monkeys (or teenagers) to help you knock down any pesky cobwebs from door frames and eaves. I would hate for Charlotte’s web to take away from your “terrific, radiant, humble” home.

8. Say Watt?

If you plan to have lights on, make sure that they are all in working order. Having the lights on in a home or business makes it look warm and inviting. For a little extra, we can even make your photos scratch and sniff with the smell of chocolate chip cookies (disclaimer- this is not a thing).

9. Lawn and order (cue that ominous sound)

Trim the bushes, clear the leaves, mow! Having flashbacks of your dad yelling at you? Well he’s still right. We want your property to sparkle and I would prefer not to have an errant leaf bring down my flying machine.

So, you’ve made it through all 9 of my tips on how to prepare your home for drone photography!

10. Call me

Of course I saved the best for last. If you are located in Northwest Washington and need a licensed, qualified Drone Pilot, call Northwest Drone Pros. We have worked with large solar panel companies like Scanifly, cell phone tower contractors and are also experts in drone real estate photography. We are the only company in Bellingham and Whatcom County exclusively dedicated to drone photography!

Call now at 360.219.9519 or send a message to



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